22 Mart 2012 Perşembe

Formula 1 2012 Second Leg - Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix

Second leg of 2012 Formula 1 will be between 23 March and 25 March in Kuala Lumpur

McLaren wants to stay in top also in Malaysia since Hamilton wants to show that he is not the second driver, as they skipped double in Australia. 

Vettel of Red Bull will force them to get back the first place that he missed in first leg.

Veteran Michael Schumacher of Mercedes will look for a suprise to show everyone that he is still in the competition.

Race Date: 25 Mar 2012
Circuit Name: Sepang International Circuit
Number of Laps: 56
Circuit Length: 5.543 km
Race Distance: 310.408 km
Lap Record: 1:34.223 - JP Montoya (2004)

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